Day to day, I plan to activate a spot tracking device to allow people to see where I am.     Click here to see the tracking page.









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  1. Oh Johnny – even your mum’s pal Eileen, (and yours of course), mother of P n J, – is watching your fascinating journey. Take care pal and have the most amazing fun.This old lady wishes she could be in your age. Wow! Go Johnny Go! xx oh Gawd hope I’m not being uncool.

  2. Eileen has always been cooler than average, I’m sure… Anyway, the chat around the village suggests that several of the less cool of the community are really impressed by your blog! Fascinating to read, and a brave thing to do.

  3. Hi Johnny, i just checked therigram and I would like to open an account for myself too…I’m staying on the road for another two months in SE Asia. Do I need to have a physical device to create my page with them? How does it work? Thanks! Dariya

  4. Your tracker’s gone completely mad! All over the place since your last ‘I slept here last night’. BTW, did you realise that ‘Middlemarch’ is entirely fictional?

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