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Back to Chiang Mai. Time to be a tourist for the day.


I enjoyed a day on the bike which had, for the first time, absolutely no hills.  It showed in my average speed – every day so far I had averaged 12 or 13km/hr.  The ride on the flat up to Chiang Mai averaged at over 20km/hr.  I made a huge difference being able to stay cool by having the wind in my face as I cycled.

I had a really good coffee at a random little coffee shack, who it turns out the owner of which is an avid cyclist.  So, only asking for a coffee, I was given a coffee, a cup of tea as well as an ice milk tea which payment was refused for – much appreciated.

Each one with a light bulb in it

Arriving in Chiang Mai had it’s own challenge though, which was finding a bed for the night.  Loy Krathong (click here), a light festival which attracts thousands of tourists had filled up many of the guesthouses.  it took 8 requests for a room before I found one.

This combined with the weekly Sunday street market made for quite the event.

Filling candles in Doi Suthep temple

I hired a scooter for the day (awesome fun) and went up to Doi Suthep temple, which I have included a few pictures of.

I intend to head north tomorrow towards Fang, Chiang Rai and eventually Laos.

Andy – saw this, thought of you 🙂

The only begging I have seen since arrival to Chiang Mai.

Great street food.