Only a few days left!!!


I had planned to cycle on over towards the Lewis Pass today, though the combination of rain and St Patricks day celebrations put a stop to that.  Another day hiding in the rain.  As you can see from my previous post, I spent a fair while organising getting myself, bike, clobber as well as another bike I’m shifting as a favour, up to Auckland in preparation to flying home.

Even though I’ve been in NZ for 2 months now, I am still surprised by some of the cultural differences.  Last night in the Irish pub, I saw piles of money left abandoned on the bar next to empty glasses.  Apparently this is a signal to the bar staff that the glass needs filling up again.  Could you imagine this anywhere else in the world?  It would either be taken as a tip, or someone would help themselves to it.  Quite astonishing.  The other thing last night which made me realise I’m not back home was only something men will appreciate.  Whilst standing at the urinals in the gents toilets, I witnessed strangers talking to each other while having a pee. And it wasn’t like they were drunk or anything…  That’s a faux pas in the UK, even in rural Scotland.  What can I say – the Kiwis are friendly!  I can just see it now – I’ll go into my local pub back home and start talking to a stranger in the toilets and end up getting some strange looks, or worse, given I live in Leith!

Not so many pictures, as I’ve not been on the road.  One of the hostel’s (spoilt) dog and a couple from Paddy’s night.  I’ve no idea where the hat came from!IMG_4618 IMG_4606 IMG_4615


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