Almost time to move on again. Johnny has itchy feet!

Lazy slacklining.

Lazy slacklining.

Singletrack mountain biking doesn't get much better than this...

Singletrack mountain biking doesn’t get much better than this…

More slack lining.

More slack lining.

I've been blown away by the skies here in NZ.

I’ve been blown away by the skies here in NZ.

Skippers canyon.  'Epic' doesn't quite cover it.

Skippers canyon. ‘Epic’ doesn’t quite cover it.

OK, we get the message...

OK, we get the message…

The reason for the rather strangely named track - Rude Rock

The reason for the rather strangely named track – Rude Rock

So I’ve been continuing my mountain biking here in Queenstown. One particular day took me up to the Coronet Peak ski area, and down a number of tracks including ‘Rude Rock’ (which also has another name, starting with ‘C’ – I’ll let you work it out), Skippers Canyon, and Zoot. Quite simply some of the best mountain biking I’ve ever done. It was quite a big day, which was confirmed to me when I returned the bike the next day at the bike shop with a few eyebrows being raised. I guess the months I’ve been on the bike have make quite a difference. Yesterday I hired a downhill bike and took it on a few runs of the gondola and downhill trails here. Given I’ve not ridden a downhill bike for a while, it took some getting used to, though by the end of the day I was really getting into it. So much so in fact that I stopped prematurely for fear of crashing, as I was getting faster every run (another sign I’m getting old). It was easily the steepest hill I’ve ever biked on, which made it interesting and given I’m not sure I had insurance for mountain biking, I decided to quit while I was ahead!

I’m off to see the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra tonight, then get back on my touring bike to head over the Crown mountain range to Wanaka tomorrow, then onward to the west coast. I’ve just armed myself with an anti-sandfly cream which apparently works (the west coast is notorious for sandflies).

Not much more to say today, so I’ve included some more mountain biking pictures… Over and out.


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  1. I never thought to use the reply, have tried a few times to respond to your mail which I have enjoyed and been amazed at. One particular mail was that you ate—-a cricket I think it was. I remembered when we had to eat sausages when you had dinner because it was that or nothing, I always knew you could and would do anything you wanted to do. when other mums at playgroup used to say “Johnny not walking yet?” I used to say ” he will walk when he wants to. He will be Prime minister if he wants to! and here you are, I think being braver.(is that a real word?)than anyone. Well done! I am proud of you. Stay safe, much love Dorothy. (Edward gets married, (again) 1st June . Kelso race course,xx

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