Kiwi sandfly or Scottish midge? Which is worse?


I feel this topic deserved a post of it’s own. Sandflies are much like their Scottish cousins. They don’t like strong sun, wind or heavy rain, they can drive even the hardened camper to the brink of insanity and they can make you cover up every exposed bit of skin in the sweltering afternoon heat as sweating buckets under all those clothes is preferable to getting bitten. OK, so that last bit does not happen in Scotland, but it would if the weather was good enough. They even make you swear out loud when there are young children less than 20 feet away playing outside their parents camper van. I was fully expecting the father to come out and have a word with me, though that would involve having to face the little buggers himself.

They don’t seem to be as numerous as the Scottish midge (yet), but what they lack in numbers, they make up for in their bite. Most of the bites end up much more itchy than the midge bite, and often bleed. Being slightly larger than the midge, when they attack, you can actually see your enemy, which is a bit of an advantage I guess. I have heard they are much worse (larger? more numerous? sharper teeth?) the further south you travel, so I will save the verdict on weather they are worse than the midge or not.


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  1. Go to an outdoor shop and get repellent. We were camping on the coast last weekend, and within minutes of setting up the tent, had literally dozens of these biting us. As soon as repellent was applied, we were bite free for the remainder of the time

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