I think I need to see a doctor – I’m starting to enjoy long hills…

Treaty of Waitangi campsite

Treaty of Waitangi campsite

Another camper making use of the electricity at Waitangi campsite

Another camper making use of the electricity at Waitangi campsite

Some of you might know I have a thing for doors....

Some of you might know I have a thing for doors….

Lake Taupo sunset

Lake Taupo sunset

At about 1000m with no water... Ooops!!

At about 1000m with no water… Ooops!!

It was a LONG stretch of road...

It was a LONG stretch of road…

And there was me thinking it was in Cambodia...

And there was me thinking it was in Cambodia…

OK, sorry for the lack of posts, it’s not as easy as it normally is. So since my last real major post I camped on the grounds that the treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 – a significant part of New Zealand history. It was a fantastic campsite due to the fact that it had warm showers, free electricity right next to the tent, and nobody about to take my money… It appeared to be on Maori land which they had turned into a cheap low key campsite – so cheap they forgot to staff it… I returned to Auckland by bus and visited Amy, someone I used to work with on cruise ships. It was great to catch up – once again, thanks for putting me up for the night 🙂 From there, I caught another bus down to Taupo. I chose this because it’s about a weeks cycling to Wellington, and that would make it next weekend, which is a good time to catch up with another friend many of you will know – Asela.

Last night, I found an unofficial campsite right on the shore of Lake Taupo which was pretty damn spectacular, as you can see in the picture – amazing sunset. I chatted to a couple of French guys who work in Pamerston North and had the weekend off – they were also camping – Terry and… sorry, I forget your name!

Today, I set off on highway 1 from Taupo, partly on the advice of Terry. It’s not nearly as bad a road down this way compared to Auckland. Much quieter and a wide hard shoulder most of the time. Normally I don’t really plan my day, but given I was cycling through the “Desert Road” perhaps I should have. It climbed up to over 1000m from about 300m which took some doing I can tell you. I ran out of water twice, though thankfully I soon came across the only stream I would see all day. The second time, was after over 100km of cycling (mostly uphill) and I only had another 5 to the next town, Waiouru. I stuffed myself with an ice-cream and a small bottle of Coke to get the boost I needed to try and find somewhere to camp. A further 10km and I finally resorted to climbing a locked gate which lead me up what looks like an old road and a deserted field. A quick solar shower in the corner of the field (those things are the way forward), some food, pitch the tent and it’s dark! Good timing I say. Time for some much needed sleep!!!


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  1. Happy New Year Johnny been very busy but been looking at the posts. NZ looks fantastic & somewhere I’d personally like to visit. Not on a ‘push bike’ though :). You look like your having a great time (slightly jealous). When are you back in the UK & back to normality or will you just stay out there?

    • Happy new year to you too Tanzy. . I’d love to stay out here. Think I’d better go back at some point (end of March) and get a job though. The funny thing is, now I’ve been doing this for almost 3 months, it almost feels like ‘normal’. Starting to find my feet and get in a routine with the camping too. Really looking forward to the south island which is going to be totally different.

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