Ooh, that egg looks interesting… What’s it called? “Horse piss egg”.


I had a good few days in Bangkok resting up, enjoying all things western once again, though not enjoying the western prices. Simply eating and sleeping costs at least 5 times as much as when on the road in the middle of nowhere. Sure, I could have hunted out the super cheap guesthouses and noodle shacks, but I enjoyed the change. I stayed right next to Nana Skytrain station, which makes things really easy for getting about town.

21st century Siam Square - not so much a square as a jumble of cars and concrete!

21st century Siam Square – not so much a square as a jumble of cars and concrete!

Giant golden chicken

Giant golden chicken

Raised footpath - you don't want to fall into the water round here!!

Raised footpath – you don’t want to fall into the water round here!!

A procession of monks

A procession of monks

A couple of days ago I met up with Gordon, a friend of my brother’s from uni days, and he showed me round the island of Koh Kred in Bangkok. For those who like to escape the madness of a big city, this is the ideal break. Everything is raised up on stilts, including the houses (normal in thailand), as well as the paths which were all concrete. Quite precarious cycling along a path with a 6 foot drop on either side I can tell you… Later Gordon and his wife took me to their local restaurant to feed me the delights of deep fried crickets (quite nice actually) among other strange things including something whose direct translation to English is “horse piss egg”. Like a hard boiled egg but the egg was black, with a bright pink shell. I didn’t want to ask to many questions, but it tasted quite good!

The center of Bangkok is now one huge big shopping mall, with more on the way, and I seemed to spend a fair amount of time in them, given they had air-con!! One of the malls had an entire 5 floors entirely dedicated to computers/smartphones/gadgets. I gave in and bought myself a fake fancy smartphone for NZ. Fingers crossed it seems to be working fine so far!!!

My flights today have turned out to be a huge headache. Excess baggage (my bike) is not so easy to take with you when you are using different carriers, especially budget carriers like Jetstar Asia. It resulted in me having to wait in Singapore airport at the BA desk for several hours (after spending a good hour on the internet trying to buy excess luggage allowance) until someone arrived that could tell me how the system worked. I for one, will never mix regular airlines (BA/Qantus) with a budget airline (Jetstar Asia) again. I ended up getting stung for luggage twice.

So, not such an exciting post, but that’s because I’m not on my bike!! Still, at least It gave me a chance to recharge my batteries. I’m looking forward to getting to New Zealand – It’s going to be a totally different experience to Asia, but one I’m sure I’ll love just as much.


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