3500km, 4 countries, 43 guesthouses, 2 punctures, numerous bedbug bites and countless bowls of noodles.


And I’m not even half way yet. I’d like to thank those of you who have kindly donated to my charity Hope & Homes For Children .

As a bit of encouragement to those who have not done so yet, I will match ANY donation made in the next week. Click here.


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  1. Good luck in your career as charity chugger. Hope it doesn’t bankrupt you. Do I gather you’re having another day off the bike in Siem Reap?

    • Yes, another day in Siem Reap, though not off the bike – bike is the best way to see the temples as they are so far apart. I have a ticket to Battambang for tomorrow morning, though not sure as I have an ear infection which is making me more than a tad dizzy. I’ll see how I feel in the morning. By the way, do you get notified of these ‘reply’ comments – not sure if you see them….

      • Hi Johnny. For some reason I stopped getting notified of the comments by e-mail, but still get the posts. Can see the comments on the website of course. I see you are still in Siem Reap, so guess you still aren’t feeling up to going on. But why go to Battambang? Isn’t it out of your way back to Bankok? You’ll have to be back there in less than a week.

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