Blowing Raspberries at dogs.


I stayed in Malee’s nature bungalows near Chiang Dao last night.  While there, I visited a temple close by which involved walking up over 500 steps through the forest.  Every hundred yards or so there was a saying nailed to a tree which very cleverly gave you something to think about as you puffed up the next set of steps which meandered through an awesome forest.  At the top you entered a shallow cave which had become a bit of a shrine to a monk who had died.  A very peaceful place deep in the forest.

The next morning I set off at the crack of dawn,  (I know it’s an early start when I catch the monks doing their rounds offering prayers in exchange for money – door to door) as I knew I had another big day.  Thankfully it turned out to be one of the coolest days I have seen so far.  Having started so early, I was on the lookout for somewhere to get a coffee, when 2 pretty aggressive dogs took chase down the road – no need for a coffee after that I can tell you!  I don’t think the dogs here are used to seeing pushbikes, which are obviously silent.   The answer was  to make motorbike noises as I approached other dogs which the they seemed to understand, though I got a couple of strange looks from the locals.   I made it to Tha Ton right up north by the Burmese border by about 1pm – I had just missed the ferry down to Chiang Rai so am staying here tonight.

Finally, I couldn’t help but notice how this road sign I saw today is similar to one we have in the UK, though it is subtly different.  Thailand’s good education system has even made it onto road signs – the children actually carry books!


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  1. I love the sign! Thais are very spiritual comparing to Vietnamese…great reminder for myself, while struggling with rudness of the Vietnamese on the road right now…

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