Mae Sarieng to Hot – Hot by name, hot by nature.

  • For the second day in a row I have cycled over 100km – today included a 20km climb which took almost 3 hours, mostly in bottom gear all before breakfast.  I ended up having a 4 egg omelette on rice at the top of the hill. There was also a 20km descent towards the end of the day which I really appreciated.  I would have stopped earlier though there wasn’t anywhere to stop along the way as it is quite  a remote region.  A cabbage growing region by all accounts, as I must have been passed by at least 50 pickups overflowing with them.  More than once I had to serve to avoid one that had escaped from the pickup and had fallen off,  onto the road.

Much of the day was spent thinking of ice cream – the past week or so I have been accustomed to seeing ‘Walls ice cream’ bunting above every village store, though the past couple of days have been in a much less touristy areas.

Tonight I’m in quite a cheap (250bhat), but perfectly clean guesthouse on the outskirts of Hot, and boy is it hot.  As I’m back down in valley floor it’s about 28 degrees at night time.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading north back to Chiang Mai, where I’ll try and formulate a plan for getting into Northern Laos (as well as have a rest day).


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  1. 100K 2 days in a row. That’s hardcore. By the way, those antibiotics you have can cause hallucinations, my mum told me that. So watch out if you start to see weird stuff when your out cycling… then again, how will you know?

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