The slow train from Bangkok


So, from my base in Bangkok, which was to be honest a bit noisy and in your face, I am glad to move on.  Rather than wait for the more popular which arrives late morning and is fully air conditioned, I opted for the one that has it’s own natural style of air con (all be it with bugs and mosquitoes flying through the window)  For a 16 hour train ride, everything was well catered for – at every station locals out to make a quick bhat would come on and sell you everything from curry to coffee.  I got a cracking curry from a woman trading through the window.  

After a rather restless sleep, waking up thinking the train was going to hurtle off the tracks at several points we arrived in Chiang Mai where everyone jumped out of their bunks and off the train as if it was a London commuter train.  What’s the rush!?!  It was a real pleasure to be able to wheel my bike out of the station, pointing myself in the general direction of the city center, especially as it was only 6.30am.  I cycled around town to look for some breakfast for over an hour, no stress though, it was a cool morning and everywhere is flat.  After I stumbled upon Julie’s – a guesthouse recommended to me (cheers Ben) – not quite sure how I came across it, it really was on a back street!  I figured it was fate, so I booked in.  2 quid a night for a private room not bad I’d say.


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  1. Morning! Hope you’re having a fun time in Chiang Mai. Pretty sure you’ll figure out all the good stuff, but my top recommendations would be: Doi Suthep (the hilltop temple), the 50m outdoor pool at the sports centre (wee bit out of town, but you’ve got a bike right?), and a cool wee restaurant with good live music on the river (across the bridge from the main part of town) – I think it’s called the Riverside, and the street market on a Sunday by the Tha Pae gate… much to see. I’m very jealous!!

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