Touchdown BKK


So, after what felt like saying goodbye to everyone to go to work for several months, (after all, I am well practiced at that) I have arrived in Bangkok.  Sorry to rub it in folks, but it’s about 30 degrees warmer here…  I met a guy by the name of Kevin on the Edinburgh-London flight who gave me a cycling contact in Chang Mai, which could well prove useful as I’ve not done so much research on where to go!

I was a bit twitchy at London when I went to board the Bangkok flight – I had read on the internet of people being turned away due to having no onward flight ticket out of Thailand in the next 30 days (a requirement of the Thai authorities as I only get 30 days on a tourist pass). The Thai government obviously hasn’t woken up to the fact that people can make their own way over to bordering countries!!   I had opted to wing it and hope not to get stopped.  I had a backup plan of turning round with my laptop and booking a one way ticket to Cambodia online and showing it to the BA staff, though thankfully it didn’t come to it.  Thai border staff have the common sense not to bother requesting people have this onward ticket thankfully.

Had a good blether with the taxi driver who was a retired aircraft engineer.  Just as well he was a sound guy, as finding the guesthouse I booked was a bit of a challenge to say the least.  It was easy enough to find the sign sticking out on the road, but quite where the entrance was took some finding – the place is a jumble of restaurants, shops, street vendors and right at the back of it all is my hotel.  Not to easy when carrying 4 panniers and a loaded bike bag I can tell you!!


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  1. Glad you made it Johnny, what an adventure lies ahead! Looking forward to following the ‘trip’ and feelings of nostalgia…enjoy! And don’t forget the Riverside BAr, Chian Mai. Take care.

  2. Oh, Johnny, turns out I have a friend 21k N of BK in Nothaburi: Gordon, who was in the mountaineering club with myself, Ben and Jim. He might leave a message here or on my FB page.

  3. ….he’s happy to help out, knows lots of cycling routes through BK avoiding big roads, and has contacts too. His no. is 082 34 2631 and you can get his email if you check your facebook messages.

  4. Pleased you arrived safely…I’m impressed with the site & jealous of the weather where you are! Make sure you take pics of doors… Suze, Halls & Tash x

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